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What We Do

Truck Billboards offers a fresh solution to the standard static billboard.

We offer our clients the opportunity to advertise on what we consider the largest platform available… The motorways and A-roads.

We turn 40ft commercial HGV trucks into mobile billboards, that tour the UK, Europe or the US daily. Each reaching an excess of 55,000 people per day.

How Vehcile Advertising
Can Help You

We offer national mobile billboards in the form of HGV trucks that tour the UK daily. Each unit covers an average of 7000 national miles per month from Edinburgh to London. Each unit also reaches approx 1.6 million impressions per month.

We also offer LIVE tracking and monthly reports showing miles and areas covered.

With the right, eye-catching message combined with our proven high dwell times, your ads will definitely get you noticed.

I’m sure you will agree, these 40ft, 3-sided, vinyl billboards look very impressive!

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Mobile Vehicle Advertising

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The Facts

Fore more information about vehicular advertising including reach, exposure and cost comparison.

Mobile Vehicle Advertising

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does vehicle advertising work as well as other traditional methods of advertising?
Yes. Vehicle advertising proves effective for many reasons such as higher dwell times and being visible from many angles.
How long does the average lorry advertising campaign take to see results?
We recommend 6-12 month to see the full benefits although this is no different to other advertising billboard alternatives. The longer the campaign the impact it will have. Shorter campaigns are just as powerful.
Do you offer reports on your vehicle advertising services.
Yes. We offer monthly reports showing areas and miles covered. The report also shows how many hours per day the truck/s have been active.
Do you provide mobile vehicle advertising outside of the United Kingdom?
Yes, we can build this type of campaign on request. Please contact us to discuss your vehicle advertising requirements today.
Does lorry advertising provide a low cost alternative to traditional billboard advertising?
Yes. We are very competitive against traditional billboard advertising alternatives although our campaigns run for longer periods. If you were to break down the yearly cost you will see our weekly/monthly rates are much less than static alternatives.