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Why CINCH Has Chosen to Advertise on the Rear Doors of Hundreds of Eddie Stobart Trucks in the UK

In the bustling world of advertising, capturing attention in unique and effective ways is the key to a successful campaign. CINCH, the UK’s leading online car marketplace, has made a strategic move by partnering with Eddie Stobart, a renowned name in logistics, to advertise on the rear doors of hundreds of its trucks. This decision is not just a creative leap but also a calculated strategy aimed at maximizing visibility and impact. Here’s why CINCH has chosen this distinctive advertising avenue.

Wide Reach and High Visibility

Eddie Stobart trucks are ubiquitous on UK roads, covering thousands of miles daily and traversing both urban centers and rural landscapes. By advertising on the rear doors of these trucks, CINCH ensures that their brand is seen by a diverse and extensive audience. Whether it’s commuters on motorways, pedestrians in city traffic, or residents in remote areas, the visibility is unparalleled. The constant movement of these trucks transforms them into moving billboards, significantly increasing the exposure of CINCH’s message.

Association with a Trusted Brand

Eddie Stobart is a name synonymous with reliability and professionalism in the logistics industry. By aligning with such a reputable brand, CINCH benefits from a positive association that can enhance its own brand image. Consumers are likely to perceive CINCH as trustworthy and dependable, mirroring the qualities they associate with Eddie Stobart. This strategic partnership thus helps in building consumer confidence and trust in CINCH’s services.

Cost-Effective Advertising

Traditional advertising mediums like television, radio, and print can be exorbitantly expensive, especially for prolonged campaigns. In contrast, vehicle advertising offers a cost-effective alternative with a potentially higher return on investment. The rear doors of trucks provide a large canvas for eye-catching designs and clear messaging, ensuring that the advertisement stands out without the need for recurrent costs associated with other media platforms.

Targeted Geographic Coverage

Eddie Stobart’s extensive network covers a vast geographical area, including key economic hubs and regions with high car ownership. CINCH can leverage this network to target specific areas where their services are likely to be in high demand. This strategic geographic coverage ensures that the advertising is not just widespread but also effectively reaches potential customers who are more likely to engage with CINCH’s offerings.

Dynamic and Memorable Advertising

Advertisements on moving vehicles are more dynamic and engaging compared to static billboards. The novelty of seeing a branded message on the rear of a truck can make the advertisement more memorable. This dynamic form of advertising captures attention in a way that static ads often fail to do, increasing the likelihood of brand recall when consumers are considering purchasing a car online.


CINCH’s decision to advertise on the rear doors of hundreds of Eddie Stobart trucks is a testament to their innovative approach to marketing. By leveraging the wide reach, high visibility, and trusted reputation of Eddie Stobart, CINCH ensures that their brand message travels far and wide, capturing the attention of potential customers across the UK. This strategic move not only maximizes their advertising impact but also aligns with cost-effective, targeted, and sustainable marketing practices. As CINCH continues to revolutionize the online car marketplace, this partnership is set to drive their brand forward, quite literally, on the roads of the UK.

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