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The Facts

Traffic Data

There are so many stats to choose from regarding traffic and travel that contribute to the power of this method, but here are some of the main stats provided by the Department of Transport that we feel are a direct benefit to using this service.

There were 87.8 M ILLION registered vehicles in the UK during this period.
There were 801 BILLION kilometres travelled by passengers. This is a record high suggesting you will benefit heavily from passenger impressions too. 

There were an overall 327 BILLION miles travelled in total during this period.
We spend an average of 47 SECONDS per mile in congestion (Of 327 billion) which contributes heavily to our proven high dwell times.

Vehicle Advertising Exposure

Exposure Examples

When considering Truck Advertising it is easy to assume we only operate on the motorways which alone, is incredibly powerful. This method is equally as impactul in smaller areas and A-roads.

We would urge our clients to consider all eventualities when considering the power of this method. Here are some examples of the types of places and scenarios your campaign will be seen.

Average Reach

After conducting extensive research we found that 90% of vehicle occupants actively notice truck branding with approximately 30%-40% paying closer attention to the artwork. We also found that 91% of drivers can name 5-10 brands/businesses (trucks) they regularly see on the motorways and A-roads. These stats do not include the the additional reach from pedestrians. 

This proves with the right artwork and presence truck branding does leave a lasting impact with onlookers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does vehicle advertising work as well as other traditional methods of advertising?
Yes. Vehicle advertising proves effective for many reasons such as higher dwell times and being visible from many angles.
How long does the average lorry advertising campaign take to see results?
We recommend 6-12 month to see the full benefits although this is no different to other advertising billboard alternatives. The longer the campaign the impact it will have. Shorter campaigns are just as powerful.
Do you offer reports on your vehicle advertising services.
Yes. We offer monthly reports showing areas and miles covered. The report also shows how many hours per day the truck/s have been active.
Do you provide mobile vehicle advertising outside of the United Kingdom?
Yes, we can build this type of campaign on request. Please contact us to discuss your vehicle advertising requirements today.
Does lorry advertising provide a low cost alternative to traditional billboard advertising?
Yes. We are very competitive against traditional billboard advertising alternatives although our campaigns run for longer periods. If you were to break down the yearly cost you will see our weekly/monthly rates are much less than static alternatives.

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