Truck Billboards UK

About us

Truck Billboards UK are the UK’s dedicated truck billboard provider. We create 3-sided, 40ft, national mobile billboards in the form of UK touring HGV trucks.

Our billboards are proven to catch the attention of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians from all angles and many different situations from traffic jams and service stations to small village detours.

This method is incredibly impactful proving a great way to showcase your brand across the UK whether you are looking to create brand awareness, reinforce a current campaign, or raise awareness around a particular product or sale.

We created this service after realising what potential can be found and what is arguably the UK’s largest blank canvas… The motorway!

Multiple Variations

Choose from Full Wraps or Rear Doors. Whatever your strategy, we can help.


So Why Choose Us?

Introducing Truck Billboards UK – a dynamic solution transcending the limitations of static billboards. Our extensive fleet traverses thousands of miles daily, navigating through towns and villages, ensuring your advertisements capture the attention of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians alike.

Backed by comprehensive marketing research, our impressive statistics underscore the unparalleled effectiveness of this advertising method.

We are committed to Quality Assurance, maintaining our fleet to the highest standards. Our trailers boast durable vinyl graphics designed to endure for years, ensuring your message remains vibrant. Plus, we maintain constant communication with our drivers to provide real-time updates on your advertisement’s performance and condition.

In addition to our core services, we offer detailed monthly reports, empowering you to track progress and compare data for valuable insights into activity and ROI.

With prices starting from just £9.04 per day, truck ads offer a remarkable cost-effective alternative to traditional static billboards, delivering five times the impact.

Elevate your marketing strategy with Truck Billboards UK.