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Mobile Advertising Packages

Mobile Advertising Packages

Rear Only Advertising Package

Rear door packages are a fraction of the cost yet incredibly powerful. How many times a week do you end up stuck behind a truck in traffic? How many times do you find yourself behind a truck in general?

With an eye catching advertisement you can be sure to be noticed and optimize on the potential 20,000 views per day not to forget a very impressive dwell time.

Studies show we spend an average of 50 seconds looking at branding located on the rear of a truck. We have some facts and stats we would like you to see too. 

Sides Only Package

Our ‘Sides Only’ package is one of the most effective and powerful packages we offer. With a moderate dwell time but more overall views averaging at around 35,000 per day. This package effectively gets you TWO ‘Mobile’ billboards for the price of ONE static billboard. Not only is it ‘Two for One’ but the method does not restrict your audience to only oncoming traffic like a static billboard would… getting views from various angles. A prime example would be when the truck is stuck in traffic or static on a bridge Creating a billboard for all drivers passing under the bridge to see. We have some facts and stats we would like you to see too.

Full Wrap Mobile Advertising Package

Hands down, this is THE most powerful method we offer.

Offering the best of all the stated facts from both our ‘Rear’ and ‘Side’ packages giving you a total daily reach of roughly 55,000 people.

This method allows you to target all road users and pedestrians from all angles whether it is on the move or parked in a layby essentially giving you a static billboard. Meaning you still get value for money even when the vehicle is unattended.

We have some facts and stats we would like you to see too.

Custom Mobile Advertising Solutions

We customise and tailor make all ads exclusively to the clients needs based of current requests. We can liaise and work closely with your branding team in order to ensure the best ad is created for your brand.

Our custom ads are perfect for campaigns that still reach 1000s per day but cater to your budget needs.

We have various types of ads available and many benefits behind all.

We have some facts and stats we would like you to see too. 

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